Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

“If not now, when.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

I’m not really a fan of the new year, new start motto, because every moment is an opportunity to start again and appreciate life’s opportunities. Why waste 364 days of the year procrastinating, when the perfect time is…. NOW!

It’s in those split second moments when you have a mini epiphany, just by looking at the world go by. It’s those moments when you watch your favourite athlete win their race, and you feel like you’ve won too. And that minuscule moment when your eyes begin to refocus.. as you wake up into a beautiful new day…with the sun shining brightly through the window …and then you realise it’s Monday morning and your late.  They are the moments in life that I live for (minus being late, of course) where you get a spontaneous burst of motivation because you realise that you could break free from the story line you’ve been following, and start again.

So now I’ve decided to take chance into my own hands, and make it happen. I wake up every morning without fail, and the first thing I do is visualise. They say a vision board is one of the most useful ways to invest your time. Researchers have actually found that visualisation for a least 10 minutes a day can hardwire your brain to make it more likely that you take action because through repetitive thinking the brain convinces itself that it has already started the work. *Brain Hack* This technique has been found to work with everyone from the rich to famous, AND throughout history. So why not give it a try.

Below is my simplified online version of mine, but the one I have is on an A5 sized board.

Made with Padlet

I’ll update you on my progress, and if it works I’ll tell you how too.
Every day is a new day.  Reinvent who you are.


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