Gratitude: 100 Things

“Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.” ~ Rumi
My gratitude list
1.  I am going to pursue my aspirations
2. The beauty of the sunrise and sunset
3. That I attract wonderful things into my life
4. Knowing my worth
5. Embracing my uniqueness
6. Being born into a society that is pro-woman
7. The individuals who continue to help the world become a better place
8. My family
9. The lessons I have had to learn
10. The sound of silence and tranquillity
11. The presence of other people
12. That I am able to feel breath in my lungs
13. The soft bed I wake up, and fall asleep in
14. My home
15. Fond memories
16. The motivation from past hurts
17. That I never gave up on myself
18. That I take small steps every day
19. Random compliments
20. My beloved pets
21. For my past, current & future achievements
22. And my failures
23. That I attract amazing people in my life
24. That I am human
25. Good health
26. The help I received when I needed it most
27. My determination
28. For the people who let me down
29. Connection
30. My intelligence and humour
31. Education
32. The calm after the storm
33. The ability to change
34. That I am able to see another day
35. My friend for suggesting this idea to me
36. Music, for its ability to change how life is
37. The gifts I have received over the years
38. The wonderful campers I met in America.
39. Inspirational leaders & their great stories
40. Likeminded and polar opposite individuals
41. For the ability to travel
42. My quirks
43. For everyone, whose jobs contribute to making each of our lives more comfortable
44. Freedom of speech
45. Freedom of choice
46. The opportunity to fall in love
47. I have been learning Spanish daily
48. That the world is my oyster
49. For the inventions created that now provide us with the resources we have today
50. I have reached #50 on this list!
51. For my morning affirmations
52. I can read and access endless resources
53. That I am blessed in endless ways
54. For the day I realised my talent for public speaking
55. For the small number of  teachers that supported me and saw my worth before I did
56. For my own room
57. That I have developed my own sense of style
58. That I know my own beauty
59. For the endless sleepless nights
60. For my gut instinct
61. For learning how to smile again
62. That the mind can be reprogrammed through habits
63. That I am still young, and will always be at heart, no matter my age.
64. The feet that have learnt to carry my weight through all of the life’s terrains
65. The lessons I have learned through other people
66. My creativity
67. That I speak the truth
68. That I am honest with myself
69. That I can admit my mistakes
70. That I can speak to anyone easily
71. That I have overcome most of my perfectionism
72. For the great relationship with my mother
73. For having self-sacrificing grandparents
74. For my culture and history
75. For the melanin that runs through my skin
76. For the empowering curls of my afro
77. For my inner child who I have met again
78. To the powerful goddess/woman, i have become
79. The blood that runs through my veins
80. My heartbeat
81. My courage & fear
82. My fantastic memory
83. My outlook
84. Endless possibilities
85. Kind words told when I need it the most
86. Surprises!
87. For my discipline
88. That I can relax
89. Access to clean water
90. For medicinal advances
91.  Company
92. My ability to learn quickly
93. That I worry less
94. That I am able to focus on the present
95. That my purpose is becoming clearer
96. The good things happening to those I care about
97. I am developing my spirituality/soul/connection
98. For the universe
99. That I have emerged from my cocoon
100. Life& Most importantly, thank you for everything.Image source:


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