SILHOUETTES (Dear Old Friends)


I sincerely hope you are well on the other side, & that the grass is as green as you imagined.

Yes, I still live in my cottage by the side of the stream.

The same cottage that you used to love.

The same cottage that took you in, when others closed their doors.


the only cottage you felt safe enough to be your true self in.

But I guess that novelty wore off,

when you started to watch the silhouettes of other windows.

You’d often fantasise about the stories they seemed to tell,

and sighed when you realised it wasn’t yours.

You tried rearranging my furniture so that it felt more homely,

but this didn’t work for you,

because you knew it wasn’t like theirs.

So in frustration, you started to go for walks,

often coming back late.

Until the day came when you never returned.

With no note to explain.

But I knew,

Because you were preparing for it every day.

Although I still have dear memories of  you,

Thank you for making space.

because my new tenants bring me great joy

and appreciate the beauty of my home.

We spend endless hours improving the cottage together.


our evenings are spent with endless entertainment.

And as the day comes to a close

and I am just about to close the curtains,

it’s as though I can feel someone watching me.

And I often wonder if it’s you,

or some else,

looking to find ‘happiness’.

So I turn down the lights.

Because silhouettes


those who desire riches,

from the wealth, they had all along.


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